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About E-Billing and Business management

EBBM is an Accounting and Business Management Software Developed with the aim to make Accounting and Business Management easy for every organization of Nepal with in every Organization's Budget. This Software is Developed with Focus over difficulties facing by Nepalese Organization for managing there Accounting and Other Organizational activities. Using EBBM Software Owners or Permissioned employee can manage and control over every organizational activity from anywhere at any time.

This Accounting Software is Easily Usable by every user, even user with basic Computer Knowledge can operate this system Being its User-friendly Designs and Similar working environment for every Module.

EBBM operates based on single entry system. for any activity always only one form needs to be submitted to complete that transaction.

Modules / Features

Manage your Organizations Sales Invoices or Bills and Sales Orders


Manage Purchase Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Returns, etc.


Stock can be easily manageable with EBBM Inventory Module. Here lot wise stock can be managed.

Customer & Supplier

Customers and Suppliers can be effectively managed with detailed Profiling, Transaction, and an automatic Ledger Creation System.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Employee Profiling, Salary Calculation, Salary Payrolls, Payslips, Employee Ledger, etc comes under HRM.

Finance and Accounting

Expenses, Income, Assets, Capital, Investment, Loan, Taxes, Banking, etc like financial records can be managed.

Cash / Banks / Other Payment Mode

Cash Payments, Multiple Bank accounts, Cheque, other Payment Modes, etc can be easily Maintained

Lead Management

We always feel difficulties remembering and Manage Leads, here we can record, track, follow, and assign leads.

Expiry Reminder

Expiry SKUs are tough to manage manually, EBBM makes it Easy to reduce expiry.

Stock Shortage Reminder

shortage of Items in the organization can be minimized with EBBM Stock shortage Reminder system

Contact Details Management

EBBM Contact Details management maintain all your Contact details and provide with in a sec when any user need them.

Estimate / Quotation

Estimates or Quotations can be easily created and managed using EBBM Estimate Module.

Branch Management

Any Organization having More than one Branch can Maintain its activities and record for all branch in a single system with EBBM

VAT Management

Automatic VAT can be managed with Kharid Khata and Bikri khata for VAT Organization.

70+ Reports

Journal, Ledger, Daybook, Trial balance, P/L, Balance Sheet along with Transaction wise, Day wise, Month Wise, Account Wise, Branch Wise, etc like general report with custom filter can be generated


EBBM System Includes Many Different Modules to Manage Different Organizational Activities Such as Sales Module to Manage Billing / Invoicing, Sales Order, Purchase Module to manage Purchase, Purchase Return, Purchase Order, Inventory Module to manage Stocks, Items Expiry, Transfer to Different Branch, etc., Customer Module to manage Customers Dues, their Sales, Payrolls, with Legers, Supplier Module to Manage Supplier Dues, their Purchases, Payrolls, With Ledger, Lead Module to Manage Organizations Leads, Estimate Modules to Generate Estimates or Quotations, HRM Module to manage Employee with their Salary sheet, Payrolls, attendance, etc., Account Module to manage Customer's / Suppliers Payrolls, Expense, Income, Capital, Investment, Assets, Loan, Bank, Payment Methods, etc., Branch Module to manage Different branch of Organization's from single system, Report Module which Contain 70+ Reports to Monitor complete organization’s activities


EBBM stands for E-Billing and Business Management. It is an Accounting and Business management System developed by Softechpark as a Product with the aim to Provide cost effective, user friendly and easily usable Account and Business management Software in a single system for every Organizations in Nepal.

At Current, EBBM is Suitable for all Service Selling Businesses like: Travel agencies, Software Company, Media, Repair and Maintenance, etc. Trading Business like: Showrooms, product Dealers, Wholesalers, Retail Shops, Mart, Farma Stores, etc. and some low requirement Manufacturing business can also manage their activities using EBBM.

EBBM Cost Depends on What Features or Modules you want to use. Also vary for no. of users and branches you needed to create.

Of course, EBBM is IRD Certified Software but organizations can use it either with IRD Approval or without approval for internal Management.

Yes, EBBM is Completely Secure for your Data. EBBM can be Only Accessible by user Created by Admins. No other users even Production Company or Distributors won’t have access for your system.

EBBM is Coded with Vue js for Frontend and PHP (Laravel) in backend.

EBBM Data can be stored as per Client Requirement, Either Dedicated Servers of AWS, Microsoft Azure, GoDaddy, Google, etc. or Clients own Server.

NO, EBBM is not available for Offline users, it operates only with internet. We belief in this 21st century everyone needed to updated with online systems for easy operations and support.


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